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Debut Video Capture Software (Home Edition) + Activation Code

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Debut Video Capture Software  (Home Edition) + Activation Code

Debut Video Capture Software is one of the best software for online instructors, video film-maker, and online radio presenter. Unlike the previous post on Wondershare Filmora 9 video editor where you can easily create YouTube videos, merge clips and photos, add audio and edit transition, and lot more. 

This post will work you through how to download, register with the license code for free. 

Features of Debut Video Software

Before we delve in, below features are the benefits of Debut Video Software;
  1. Record videos as AVI, WMV, Flv, Mpg, Mp4, MOV, and more video formats
  2. Capture video from a webcam, network IP camera or video input device (e.g., VHS recorder)
  3. Screen capture software records the entire screen, a single window or any selected portion
  4. Mouse highlighting spotlights the location of the cursor when using a screen recorder
  5. Record audio from your microphone and speakers with your video; ideal for recording video conferences and webinars
  6. Laptop camera recording and video capture
  7. Record video alone or video and audio simultaneously
  8. Add your own text captions or time stamp your video
  9. Change color settings and video effects before recording
  10. Adjust the video resolution, size and frame rate for capture
  11. Use video overlay to record your screen and webcam simultaneously
  12. Burn recordings directly to DVD with Express Burn Disc Burner
  13. Time-lapse video recording
  14. Create photo snapshots of a video at any time
  15. Edit your recorded video with VideoPad Video Editor Software

How to Activate Debut Software

Watch the video below to work you through how to activate your Debut Video Capture. No need to download a crack app or patch.

Follow the guide below;

  1. Download Debut Video Caption V.6.18 via the debut website.
  2. Run as Administrator and install after downloading.
  3. Register and continue enjoying the lifetime activation. To register, click here to view the Debut Registration Code.


This registration is for Versions 6.18 (Windows) and 6.16 (Apple Mac) as well as any versions released prior to these versions.

To finish registering the software: The registration code in the link above is for Debut Video Caption Home Edition Users only, not for commercial use.

1.   Open the Register dialog from the File menu, File Tab, Hamburger menu, or Product Name menu located toward the top left of the main window, then select Register Product to open the Registration dialog.

2.   Enter your Registration Code. We recommend using copy and paste to eliminate entry errors. The code is case-sensitive.

Leave a comment below if you have any issues or suggestions on how we can serve you better in my next post.

A Christian as a Sharp Threshing Instrument

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A Christian as a Sharp Threshing Instrument

A sharp threshing instrument is employed in agriculture in separating grains from the chaff on a leveled ground by taking advantage of the blowing wind; and before such an instrument could perform wonderfully, it needs superior power and might.

In Isaiah 41:15, The Lord was speaking metaphorically about the future church. Before a Christian can be a potential instrument in God’s hand, there are processes he must undergo. Such Christian must also be empowered to be functionally useful; he needs the three (3) fundamental power and might such as Salvation, Sanctification, and Baptism of the Holy Ghost.


No man is born a saint (Romans 3:23). There is a great potential in every creature of God. However, just as it is difficult for man to explore oil and gas (petroleum) without the intervention of a geologist, so it is impossible for a carnal-minded man to seek a lost soul for God without the Holy Spirit who goes out surveying and mapping the surface of man’s heart (lost and buried in sin just as petroleum is buried under the earth crust) in a quest to find a heart yearning for the things of God. The Holy spirit convicts and condemns sin in a manner that confession and forsaking bring joy unspeakable out of such heart, just as petroleum shoots up into the air whenever an oil well reaches an oil-bearing layer.

Secondly, such saved heart must completely and absolutely remain in the grace just as petroleum pumped out from beneath the earth crust remains on the surface.

Thereafter, the Holy Spirit fills such sanctified heart and directs him to God’s own refinery (the church of God).

Refine Manufacture

A refinery is organized and coordinated arrangement of various manufacturing processes, designed to produce physical and chemical changes in petroleum.

The living church of God is God’s refinery and is the most organized and coordinated organization.

Refining begins with the separations of petroleum into different fractions under great heat by the process of distillation. Newly born again Christians, who are of little use in their raw state must also undergo various levels of heat such as trials, sickness, poverties, etc. Apostle Paul called it our light affection (IICor. 4:17) to bring out the best products (i.e. fruits of the spirit, Gal. 5:22, 23; and the gifts of the spirit in I Cor. 12:4-11) out of him.


Refined petroleum products are numerous and they include fuel (e.g. petrol, diesel, etc.), petrochemical products (e.g. plastics, paints, etc.) and other heavy fraction products.

Likewise, a refined Christian is he who is armed with the fruits and gift of the Spirit; and he can be likened to a threshing instrument sharpened by God Himself, prepare to be used for every good works (II Tim. 3:10-17)


It is the process involved in creating a unique name and image of a product in the mind of the customers (i.e. unsaved world).

The first branding of believers took place in Antioch (Acts 11:26), where disciples were simply a quintessence of Christ; so men of their generation concluded that these spectacular people are replica of Christ.


This is a set of communication or activities used to influence, encourage and persuade potential consumers to adopt products and services; and how to use them.

Petroleum is so valuable that people called it ‘Black Gold’. Likewise, every man’s soul is valuable to both God and the devil. Christian should, therefore, be willing to making sure that he wastes no time in winning many souls for Christ.

It is a branded Christian that can now fulfill and graciously accept God’s great commission (Matt. 28:19,20), such that they who are buried deep down in sin and walking in the shadow of death may see the true light (Jesus Christ).

The Challenge

Would you rather yield your precious soul as a “Sharp Threshing Instrument” in God’s own hand or in devil’s hand?

By: Bello R.A Oluwajoba


Earn $5 worth of Crypto for playing educative games on your Smartphone

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Earn $5 worth of Crypto for playing educative games on your Smartphone

It is easy to get distracted using smartphone time killing mobile apps but what is the way out when you need something to keep you busy? Most people would easily consider watching movies, visiting friends, playing with kids or pets, or reading journals while some would cheaply consider surfing the internet, or play fun games on their smartphone. 

The statistic shows the number of mobile game downloads from Apple App Store and Google Play worldwide. In the third quarter of 2019, a total of 29.6 billion mobile games were downloaded globally across both app stores, out of which 21.6 billion downloads were attributed to Google Play.

Joe Hindy (@thatjoehindy), cited what makes addictive games so addictive? He noted that they tend to be games that don’t take long to play. However, they provide a challenge of some sort that you want to master. Between mastering the game and trying to get the high scores, a person can sink into a game for hours without realizing it. 

Earn $5 worth of Crypto for playing games 

Let consider some free fun and addictive games available on Google Playstore. This app earns its user cryptocurrency, which can be withdrawn to the Coinbase account without any delay. 

Before we delve in; what was your thought on my previous post, earn $6 Zcash on Telegram bot daily? It is one of the posts that earn me huge traffic recently due to the fact that the content was convincing and base on facts. 

#1. PopStellar

PopStellar application pays Stellar cryptocurrency coins, directly to your Coinbase account. It is available on the Google Play store. Download and register.
The app pays you for playing lucrative games. The games are a color puzzle, target-oriented, simple to play, and time engaging. PopStellar game application will earn you 3 steller cryptocurrency coins daily.

#2. Crypto Pop

Crypto Pop game application is a free app game available on play store, the game app pays its user Ethereum cryptocurrency worth of one dollar daily and directly to your Coinbase account every three days. To download and register, head up to Google play store now.

#3. Photon Pong

Photon Pong game application pays you Litecoin cryptocurrency coins, directly to your Coinbase account. This application is available on the Google Play store. Download and register. If persistent with this app, you can earn up to one dollar daily worth of Litecoin cryptocurrency. 

#4. Crypto Word

Crypto word pays you for playing lucrative games. Word puzzle game, merging the appropriate letter to form a word, programmed like scrabble. If persistent with this app, you can earn up to three dollars daily worth of Bitcoin. Crypto Word game application pays you Bitcoin cryptocurrency, directly to your Coinbase account.

The Crypto Word game is very simple, fun, and addictive. Highly recommended for children above sixteen years and above. 
Download and register, the crypto Word application now and thank me later.


The four games application mentioned above are developed by Vweeter Limited
Paid out to Coinbase account in fifteen seconds.
Your email and interaction on the app are secure.


It is a data app, it can't function without been connected to the internet.
It pays out every three days.
Crypto Pop game crash more often and restated.
You need to reach a minimum of 100satoshi before you can withdraw



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OKF HANGOVER Distributors

OKF Hangover Tea is an alcohol solution drink. One of the best in the world to reduce the effect of alcohol on the liver and eliminate hangover. Some of the benefits are, it helps to normalize your cholesterol levels, helps to boost energy and relieve fatigue, and many more.

What is Alcohol?

Alcohol is the intoxicating agent found in beer, wine, and liquor. Alcohol is produced by fermentation of yeast, sugars, and starches. Fruits such as grapes and grains like barley and wheat are most commonly used for wine, beer, and liquors. 

Drinking alcohol drinks in moderation is safe. But if you overdo it, the next morning will welcome you with a raging hangover. While different people react differently, common side effects include headache, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, irritability, and sensitivity to light and sound. It will be hard to even function well. When you notice all these side effects, then you need a drink like OKF Hangover Tea to flush out the hangover and get a quick recovery to start a new day.


Why you need OKF Hangover Tea?

OKF is an International patent approved. The hangover drink is also approved by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) for the following benefits;
  1. It reduces heart and liver problems.
  2. It reduces the cause of Hepatitis and liver damage as a result of drug and alcohol consumption. 
  3. It reduces cholesterol and diabetes in the body system.
  4. It cleanses the lung/heart as a result of excessive smoking.
  5. It reduces blood sugar levels in the body system.
  6. It reduces high blood pressure.
  7. It cures eye problems.
  8. No sugar.
  9. No caffeine 
  10. No preservative.

Recommended use of OKF Hangover Tea

To prevent a hangover: Take 1-2 cans before drinking for the best result. For a dietary supplement to boost energy and relieve fatigue. Take 1-2 cans in a day.

Liver Detoxifying: Take one can in the morning and one in the evening for two months. Maintenance: One can daily.

For lowering cholesterol: Take one can in the morning and one can in the evening.

OKF HANGOVER Distributors

Distributors/Freelancers/Referrals Needed

This is good news as the OKF Hangover Tea, Nigeria office announces it distributorship partners deal and freelancers/referral to go out and fetch distributors partners nationwide. Kindly contact any of the cellphone numbers at the contact information section below for more updates on how to become distributors and the commission that entails.

Distributors Benefits;

  1. Attractive commission.
  2. Residual income for referrals/freelancers.
  3. Free promotion and printing of flyers.
  4. Other Bonuses.
Outing Promo

About OKF Hangover Tea Company?

OKF is a world leader premium beverage manufacturer, which has produced approximately 750 types of drinks and has exported to 160 countries in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The OKF Multi Beverage Factory is located in Andong is a city in South Korea and the capital of North Gyeongsang Province. The Nigeria office is located at Block 15, Suite 1, Odua Shopping Complex, Ojota Lagos. The world’s highest level of technology and (99,000 m2 scale. It consists of 12 main lines and 7 sublines with a high-tech automatic equipment system that is capable of producing more than 8 million bottles (approximately 200 containers) a day, 3 billion bottles a year (expected economic value; 1 billion US dollars).

OKF Hangover Tea Store

In addition, OKF has passed the top class world audit system in compliance with Coca Cola, Delmonte, Dole, Sunkist, Monster, Ocean Spray, Maxwell, Walmart, and so on. The principal OKF’s certifications are IFS, BRC, FSSC 22000, ISO, GMP, HACCP, HALAL, NOP EU Organic Certification, GOST, BRC, etc., which make OKF supply the products stably to the consumers in the worldwide and manufacture more trustful products. 

For further information on how to become our Distributors Nationwide, contact the Nigeria office;

Infinity Pharmaceutical & Chemical Company Ltd

Block 15, Suite 1, Odua Shopping Complex, Ojota Lagos.
Tel: 081-6869-5771; 080-2780-8145
080-3307-8187; 080-6646-6537

You can also verify the authenticity of this post by sending a message to Samuel via WhatsApp with just a click (Hello Mr. Samuel )