How to become a Baxi Box Agent

How to become a Baxi Box Agent

Can you employ other people for working for you, with a zero investment? Well, let dig into it.

Do you know that the Baxi Box company just launched a new device earlier this year? It is called MPOS, the device is for the benefit of Baxi mobile app users

What is a Baxi Box?

Baxi Box is an everyday digital payment solution, and Baxi Box is a portable and movable multi-functional device linked to various services

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How does it work?

Baxi Box is a self-service device. The Device itself is an Android Device accessibility. The POS comes with three (3) Sim Card Slot. By default, you will be given two Sim Card (Etisalat and MTN). On this Sim Card, you’ll have free internet access. The POS is 4G Lite enable device.

After purchase, the device is yours. You have the right of ownership on the device. On each the transaction you do on Baxi Box Mobile App and Baxi Box POS, you'll earn commission aside from your own charges. Please click here to read our FAQ on Baxi Box.

Services on the Baxi Box

Baxi Box Services

Right now, there are over 50 services on the Baxi Box that you can explore. On Baxi Box, you can subscribe to your favorite.
  1. Pay-Tv Bills Station: (DSTV, GOTV, Startime, Consat, Spectranet, Smile, Bulk SMS, etc.)
  2. Education: WAEC
  3. Pay your Electricity Bills: (Ikeja Electric, Ibadan, Enugu Disco, Kano, Kaduna Electric, Port-Harcourt Electric, Abuja Electric, etc)
  4. Airtime: (MTN, 9Mobile, Glo, Airtel),
  5. Gaming: (Golden Chance Lotto, Paddy Bet, Naija Lottery, etc)
  6. Insurance: (Leadway and Cornerstone)
  7. Bank Transfer: (GTBank, Heritage, UBA, WEMA, ECOBANK, Zenith, Felt Wallet, etc)
  8. And many more.
Baxi Box POS Preview

What is the difference between Baxi Box POS and Bank POS?

Bank POS is a program to carry out a specific transaction while Baxi Box POS is designed to carry out various services.

What is the component of the Baxi Box?

The Baxi Box comes in three different ways. We have Baxi Box Desktop, Baxi Box POS, and Baxi Mobile App. All these products are available for purchase. However, the mobile app is free.

Baxi Box Component Preview

Baxi Box Devices Differences (Desktop, Baxi POS, and Baxi mPOS)

  1. Baxi Box Desktop on its own can carry out all transactions without anything attached to it. However, to carry out the ATM Card transaction, you will need the PIN PAD to carry on the transaction successfully. The Pin Pad allows the customer to input their ATM Pin for a smooth transaction.
  2. Baxi Box POS, on the other hand, does not need Pin Pad to carry out the transaction. It carries out both cash and ATM card transactions successfully.
  3. Baxi Box Mobile App is the easiest of all. It also carries out all the transactions that the Baxi Box Desktop and Baxi POS carry out. Same services with other devices and commission. The most interesting part of the story is that you can process the ATM card on Baxi Mobile App through the newly launched device called Baxi mPOS.  And, you will need a Bluetooth printer to print out a receipt for your customers.
As the devices vary so also the commission varies. However, they all share the same services. Read more about the Baxi Box commission.

The benefit of being a Baxi Box Agent

  1. Baxi Box has a large bouquet of products that will appeal to a wide range of customers
  2. This will help drive traffic to client location for bill payments and vas service and agent shop becomes the convergence for digital services 
  3. Instant commission generated from every transaction
  4. The mobile nature of the device allows flexibility in service delivery.
  5. Reduced risk of theft as all transaction is not physical but through the box

How Baxi Mobile App works?

  1. Baxi Box Mobile App is now free, download it on Play store.
  2. Register and ensure to input your referral code as "maffiliate68app'. This will give you access to join the WhatsApp platform where your queries will be treated as needed. This is very important.
  3. The mobile apps work on any Android version (V. 6.1 and above) only.
  4. Free training on how to operate the Baxi Box and Mobile App

How can I fund my Baxi Wallet?

There is a post on that. Click here on How to Fund your Baxi Box Wallet or watch our YouTube video coverage below.