What you need to know about Baxi MPOS

What you need to know about Baxi MPOS

What is Baxi Box MPOS?

Baxi Box MPOS is a 'Mobile Point of Sale' newly launched by Capricorn Digital Company to aid the Baxi Mobile App users, to accept ATM cards from customers, and to carry out a smooth transaction without any interruption.

Baxi Box Devices

I believe you already know what Baxi Box entails before clicking on this link and land on this page. If no, is of no use to read further, head up to my previous post on how to become a Baxi Box agent, the commission available on the Baxi Box platform, and how to fund your Baxi Box Wallet
Without any delay, let delve into Baxi MPOS, the new device.

Baxi Box MPOS

Earlier this year, January 2020. Capricorn Digital Limited, the Baxi Box solicitor launched a new Baxi device known as Baxi MPOS. The 'Mobile Point of Sale' devices are to allow the Baxi Mobile App agents to carry out an ATM card transaction smoothly without any interruption. 

As we all know that the Baxi POS accepts the ATM card and prints out receipt immediately after a successful transaction, but this benefit is limited or restricted to the Baxi App agent for a long time now. Now, with the aid of the MPOS, the Baxi App agent can accept the ATM card from the customer, insert the ATM inside the MPOS device and withdraw from the customer ATM card smoothly.
Baxi Box MPOS accepting ATM Card
Baxi Box MPOS accepting ATM Card

How does Baxi MPOS work?

Download the Baxi App from Google Play Store
Register and ensure to input your referral code as "maffiliate68app'. This will give you access to join the WhatsApp platform where your queries will be treated as needed. This is very important.
Purchase your MPOS. MPOS is 12,000 naira. Non-negotiable.
The company will generate the MPOS configuration code for you. The MPOS will not work without the configuration code.
Input the MPOS configuration and you are good to go.
It uses the data on a mobile device thereby offering better network reliability in view of the capability to swing across EDGE, 2G, 3G, and 4G
It is more portable than regular POS terminals which makes it easier to move about with
It gives merchant/agent the option to print e-receipt for transactions consummated on the terminal

It has on the BAXI Mobile App transaction history (view transaction history, daily, weekly, monthly, year or All).  It connects to a mobile device via Bluetooth. It also uses a Bluetooth enabled portable printer (though optional because it has the capacity to issue e-receipt)

Benefits of BAXI MPOS:

  • Better connectivity
  • Faster and more reliable than regular POS terminals
  • Better user experience
  • Possibility of sales on the go
  • Allows card and cash payments
  • Low-cost device
  • Digital receipts - With the ability to offer email receipts to consumers it enhances convenience

From the merchant’s perspective, BAXI mPOS solution offers many benefits:

  1. Easy to Implement: With low infrastructure cost and hence low entry barriers, it is an option that works well for merchants with low, mid and high transaction volumes
  2. High on Security: With card data not being stored on the reader, the chances of data theft are eliminated.
  3. Increase in sales: By accepting cashless payments, the shopping experience for the buyer is seamless, quick, and hassle-free.
  4. Reduced cash management cost: The best part of using BAXI mPOS is that it is pocket friendly. Merchant can either purchase the device upfront or opt for friendly instalment plans.
  5. Accounting gets better and more secure: With BAXI mPOS for every transaction, accounting transactions and revenue is easier and more efficient. BAXI mPOS protects merchant businesses’ revenue streams, thus reducing frauds. By using BAXI mPOS, the merchant eliminates the expenses and security risks that are associated with physically transporting cash.
Note that you will need a Bluetooth Printer to print out the receipt generated from Baxi Mobile App. 

Now, you can see that the process is as easy as counting numbers.