How to Self-Publish your Book on Amazon in few minutes

How to Self-Publish your Book on Amazon in few minutes

Gone are the days I spent my precious time researching how much it will take me to publish my book in some of the noble publishing companies. Do you all know what that means? I bet you, is not easy.

Unlike the old-time religion (old days), thanks to Charles Babbage, the father of computers and Vint Cerf the father of the internet. Without the internet, think of how the 21st century would have been, No Facebook, no Twitter, no LinkedIn, no YouTube, no Amazon, and other social platforms that time may not permit me to tell.

Having taken my time to make some research on how to self-publish my books on the internet at no cost, I felt there is a need I must share it to guide those who might be in need of these golden ideas or should I say opportunity? Yes, it an opportunity to make research and get an answer to what you are researching.

Today I will be teaching you how to self-publish your book on


  • Many of us know Amazon to be a shopping site where you buy books, electronics, clothes, and other accessories, but it is more than what you can imagine. There are a lot of things to dig for on Amazon:
  • Amazing according to Alexa Rank is number three, most searched, visited, and viewed in the world.
  • Think of the marketing aspect. Amazon kills it all, immediately you start selling a certain number of copies, leave the rest for Amazon, it refers your book to others who have never heard of you, including friends of friends.
  • Amazon is the easiest of all to self-publish your books.
  • You earn for publishing your books on Amazon.
  • Amazon rules the world online book market

Does Amazon have set-back at all?

Of course, yes! I am not saying Amazon is the best. Everybody or organization has a shortcoming. They are a lot of online publishing companies you should look out to, compare, and contrast their features and benefits. I am only trying to make you see a reason why you should try Amazon or how to self-publish your book on Amazon.

You can get your message go viral and make cool money using nothing more than a keyboard and your brain. Let go into the business.

Step 1: Write, Proofread, Edit

When writing e-Book publishing, these are the steps you should consider;
  1. Pen down your ideas. Be passionate about penning down ideas on a white blank page directly to your electronic devices like iPad, iPhone, Tablet, or Computer but I will advise you to exhibit the habit of writing down your creative ideas always.
  2. Cultivate the habit of reviewing your journal. This is where you spend time developing your ideas and actualizing or correcting it. Share it with few close friends for feedback.
  3. Let the editorial chief do the last reading. When I say editorial chief, I mean to let someone who is inclined do the editing of your book for you. I will write to you in my next post on Grammar and Article editor site that will proofread your books for you. To get my update in my next book kindly subscribe to my blog or follow me via email.

Step 2: Format and Design your Paper Cover

Take the step you are about to read serious it worth dying for:
  1. Format your book on Kindle. You can do this yourself when you take your time to master Amazon Kindle Book Guideline. But I will recommend you give it to an expert to do it for you. It does not matter if it will attract a few hundred dollars, note that, this is your life. What you sold out will be with your reader for life. When you sold out rubbish, someday it will become a slap on you.
  2. Design your paperback. Amazon presents two ways to do this. you can design your paper book using the Amazon Platform. This is not ideal, maybe because the whole of the paperback will be mainly in text and not organic. You need a good design for your cover, what you present is what you will get. The charming design you put it for your paper cover will determine the attractiveness of your reader. Don’t give your cover page to a novice except you want your book to remain a history. Consider getting a professional graphics design on 99DESIGNS or CROWDSPRING, both affordable crowdsourcing services. Convert your design cover to JPEG file and at least 2500pixels on the longest side with height and the weight ratio of 1.6.
  3. Get a friend's feedback. As I am nailing it to get your ideas proofread is the same way am exploring you to get friends to feedback for your paper cover.
  4. Read Amazon Format and Design Guideline here 

 Step 3: Self-Publishing

This is why you land on my web page, take time to skim through vividly. The truth is, it shouldn’t take you more than this simple twelve steps;
  1. Go to, It is recommended you register and if you have an account sign in to your dashboard.
  2. Register for your Tax, if you are a none US Citizen
  3. Click on Bookshelf
  4. Add New Title, fill out the required blank question. question. Ensure you input accurate answer.
  5. Upload your Paper Cover file (JPEG format)
  6. Upload your Kindle format book. I will recommend you download Kindle Book Creator to finalize your book. Click here to download Amazon Kindle Book Apps for PC.
  7. Preview your book with Amazon's online viewer to see it look good.
  8. Save and continue to the next stage. Set your price. When placing your price, consider your reader. As an upcoming writer, set yours to the minimal $0.99. The little token you place, the higher you watch your reader grow higher.
  9. When choosing ‘Right’, choose ‘Worldwide Right’
  10. Consider choosing a 70% royalty rate. Also, note that most e-Books are priced $1-9.99 (This is what I recommend to maximize your royalty rate).
  11. Save and Publish
  12. Your publication takes 24hrs – 48hrs. You’ll get an email notification as soon as is ready.

Step 4: Readers Review
Now that your book is set. Try your best to get a review from your reader. how do you do that? Share your links to your friends, family, and acquittance, pacify them to leave an ethical review. I can assure you that a published book with a low purchase is due to the low ethical review. Compare my guy book, Kawasaki and Seth Godin to an upcoming author, who do you expect to make the highest purchase? Go after securing a good reputation first then go after wealth.

Step 5: Promote your book

Everybody is a salesperson. Even the life we live is a sales marketing. Go ahead and market yourself. Market your book, the best that Amazon will do for you is to publish your book free and make it available on Amazon Book Store, and that’s all, no marketing except you select the option which attracts few dollars.
However, consider marketing your book through social media, Email marketing, Blog, Book Shopping sites, advertiser website, and many more.

Make your e-Book a giveaway. Brandon Clements, a prominent writer who struggle to sell more than a hundred copies of his novel in a year, decided to give away the e-Book version. And guess what, over 60,000 downloaded it. The next week he sold another 2,000 Copies.

Do the marketing daily to keep your name and your book, alive.

This is my simple trick to get self-publish your book on Amazon. The days of waiting years to be picked and published are over. So, what is hindering you? Do you need a push-up or what? Use the comment to tell me what you need and how I can be of help to you.