20k daily income with Universal Insurance Network owned by Universal Insurance Plc is possible?

20k daily income with Universal Insurance Network owned by Universal Insurance Plc is possible?

Are you interested in making passive income on a daily basis? 20,000 Naira and above daily?  All you need is a smartphone and access to the internet. This is achievable with Universal Insurance Network, a platform set up by Universal Insurance Plc to sell their insurance products.

Twenty Thousand Naira is a lot of money. This is someone's else monthly salary. How true can this be? Well, read on, that's what we will unravel in a few minutes.

I want to believe you have gone through our last post, which talks about "What you need to know about the Universal Insurance Network platform, owned by Universal Insurance Plc?" The post answers some of the questions that may be bothering you, like, who is Universal Insurance Plc? What are they into? Where are their offices and how legit is the Universal Insurance Network platform. I implore you to read the post. It's an eye-opening to lots of opportunities.

Universal Insurance Plc Head Office
Universal Insurance Plc head office 
8, Gbagada Expressway, Anthony Lagos

What makes Universal Insurance Plc unique?

Universal Insurance Plc is best known for innovations, is one of the insurance companies in Nigeria and vastly all their insurance products are bought online-realtime. Universal Insurance Network, like their Retail Products Website, and Online Comprehensive website, is a new platform set up by Universal Insurance Plc to sell its insurance products. 

I'm sure, you must have come across some insurance marketers, either staff of Universal Insurance Plc or other insurance companies as regards any kind of insurance products. What were your reactions towards that? Did you buy it, do you promise another day, and do you ever consider taking the insurance product? Here, Universal Insurance Plc has gone a long way to creating a platform where people can get insured and also earn incentives when they refer others to do the same thing. This will aid insurance penetration in Nigeria which eFinal reported 2018 years ago as a 2% penetration

What's the assurance that Universal Insurance Network will remain in the market in the next 5yrs?

Well, Universal Insurance Plc has been in existence since March 1st 1961, and it's still standing despite the ups and downs. Lots of companies have folded up but it is still standing strong. Universal Insurance reports N5.67bn as turnover in Q4 2022. Last week, Universal Insurance Projects N18bn Premium Income For 2024, what this means is that Universal Insurance Plc can survive outside the Universal Insurance Network platform they set up to sell their Insurance Products and creating this platform is one of the strategic ways of meeting up to their target. 

Universal Insurance Plc - Personal Accident Insurance cover design
Universal Insurance Plc - Personal Accident Insurance cover design

How to earn 20,000 Naira daily on Universal Insurance Network?

The simple way of calculating how much you can earn daily is easy. However, you need a lot of strategy in achieving it. Don't worry, read on.

Let's take for instance the N2,000 package to explain. 
The benefits are; N40,000 for Medical Benefits, N300,000 for Permanent Disability Benefits, and N300,000 for Death Benefits.  You can refer to our previous post for the benefits of other packages.

The system allows you to register up to 488,280 people. Considering Nigeria's population, of over 200 million people, it is achievable.

You will earn N400 on N2,000 registered users as an upline. So let's say you bring in fifty people, that is N20,000, (N400 x 50 people = N20,000). 

Fifty people in one day are too high. Not everybody within the 50 circles will buy N2,000 plans, some may go for N4,000, and some may opt for the N35,000 package. Imagine you have 3 people that will buy the N35,000 package, you need 3 people to earn you N21,000. Is as simple as that. Identify your package and set a goal. You need;
  1. Three of the N35,000 plan registered users will earn you N21,000 as upline
  2. Ten of the N10,000 plan registered users will earn you N20,000 as upline
  3. Twenty-five of the N4,000 plan registered users will earn you N20,000 as upline
  4. Fifty of the N2,000 plan registered users will earn you N20,000 as upline

Why do you need to register and what plan is best to start with?

I want you to bear in mind that this platform is collective work. You can't do it alone. This is how the system works;

If your uplines (someone at the top) are very active, you will earn, almost every day.

If those under you (downlines) are very active, it is a big win for you. 

You will earn from both uplines and downlines because the system does a spillover matrix.

You cannot get to the Universal Insurance Network unless you come in through someone else link. 

When you eventually land on the Universal Insurance Network registration page, the system will automatically assign you to someone. It's advisable you register under someone who referred you to the system so the system does not assign you to the inactive upline.

How does the spillover work?

All registered users are allowed to bring in 5 direct downlines. So what happens after completing the 5 direct downlines? Let's say, 50 people registered using your referral link, you will get the full bonus because they registered through your link, and then, the system will split the 45 people under your first 5 direct downlines. When your downlines do the same thing, the system will spill over their registration.

One of the staff of Universal Insurance Plc, name OYENIYI Olayemi Samuel (Echannel Manager) created a WhatsApp Group where he educates/trains people on a daily basis. You can refer people to join the WhatsApp Group for adequate training. A WhatsApp platform where they don't share referral links, all they do is train/educates about the platform, and you revert back to whoever invited you for a link to register. Aside from training you can as well reach out to the admin or send in your questions to the WhatsApp group.

Universal Insurance Network - Scam or Legit?

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