What you need to know about the Universal Insurance Network platform?

Are you a student or a work-at-home mum? Freelance or part-time job enthusiast? Universal Insurance Network is a new platform available to compensate intending users up to 20k and above on a daily basis. Universal Insurance Network platform is a marketing platform for Universal Insurance Plc.  Let's show you how it works. 

Who is Universal Insurance Plc

Universal Insurance Plc
8, Gbagada Expressway, Anthony Lagos
Before we delve into what Universal Insurance Network is and the features of the platform, it's appropriate for you to know who is behind the platform. 

Universal Insurance Plc is one of the leading, aged, and one of the nation's largest general insurance company in Nigeria. Universal Insurance Plc has been in existence since March 1st, 1961, and has been a consistent force to reckon with in the insurance industry despite the various transformations over the years. Their office address is located at 8, Gbagada Expressway, Anthony Lagos.  Registered and regulated by National Insurance Commission.  

As reported by Stock Watch, dated January 20th, 2023, Universal Insurance reports N5.67bn as turnover in Q4 2022. With over 8 million in assets, according to the report on Universal Insurance About Page, it is clear and convincing that the company has the capacity to generate income outside the Universal Insurance Network. 

What is Universal Insurance Network?

Universal Insurance Network is a marketing tool created by Universal Insurance Plc. A platform where users buy Personal Accident Insurance Cover and earn bonuses when they refer others to do the same. The bonuses start from N400, up to N7,000, depending on the package you or your downlines subscribe to. 

 We know there are risks in every activity we engage in which is why we have come up with this initiative to help you get covered and earn on the go by referring others.

The goal is to help you Get Covered and Earn incentives.

Personal Accident Insurance Cover
Personal Accident Insurance designs

What is Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal Accident Insurance is a policy you will get when you choose any of the packages below. Once you choose the package, rest assured that you are on cover for one year. This means, in any case of accident leading to bodily injury, domestic accident or road accident, even accident that may lead to death or permanent disability, Universal Insurance Plc got you covered.

Accidents include Motor accidents, Motorcycle accidents, Air Mishap, Rail accidents, Domestic accidents, Armed robbery attacks, and Accidental discharge by any arm of security agents.

The benefits of the Personal Accident Insurance package on the Universal Insurance Network

Bronze N2000 Per Year

  • N40,000 for Medical Benefits 
  • N300,000 for Permanent Disability Benefit
  • N300,000 for Death Benefit

Silver N4000 Per Year 

  • N70,000 for Medical Benefits 
  • N500,000 for Permanent Disability Benefit
  • N500,000 for Death Benefit

Gold N10,000 Per Year

  • N140,000 for Medical Benefits 
  • N1.5 million for Permanent Disability Benefit
  • N1.5 million for Death Benefit

Diamond N35,000 Per Year 

  • N500,000 for Medical Benefits 
  • N5 million for Permanent Disability Benefit
  • N5 million for Death benefits

What are the benefits of the Universal Insurance Network Platform?

Unlike other Multi-Level Marketing platforms (MLM), where you refer and earn without adding values (buying of products and services). You are not just registering and referring people to register. Here, Universal Insurance Plc is selling a product called "Personal Accident Insurance Cover, which is what you are registering for. 

Secondly, you can earn massively, even without you sharing your referral link with people to register. How?

How can you earn on Universal Insurance Network?

You may feel you are not good at sharing referral links. I will provide you three good reasons how you can earn massively on this networking platform, sharing your referral link is just one of the three reasons, read on.

1. The Universal Insurance Network platform has a way of assigning people to your downlines. By default, you can only bring in 5 people, but in a case whereby more than 5 people register through your link, the platform automatically places them under your direct 5 downlines that registered through your link. That is, let's say 50 people register through your link, the system will automatically spill the remaining 45 people under your 5 direct downlines.

2. One of the staff of Universal Insurance Plc, name OYENIYI Olayemi Samuel (Echannel Manager) created a WhatsApp Group where he educates/trains people on a daily basis. You can refer people to join the WhatsApp Group for adequate training. A WhatsApp platform where they don't share referral links, all they do is train/educates about the platform, and you revert back to whoever invited you for a link to register. Aside from training you can as well reach out to the admin or send in your questions to the WhatsApp group.

3. Registering under an active upline is another way of getting the best from networking platforms. Ensure you register under active uplines. When it comes to Networking Marketing, the basic trick you should look for is to register under someone who is very active. Universal Insurance Network platform is a site that you need to go through someone before you can land on the homepage.

Are you in for 20k daily income?

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