Becoming Paga agent is now easy, 100% service satisfactory

Becoming Paga agent is now easy, 100% service satisfactory

I went to an outlet to renew my TV subscription. The agent collected N2,000 naira instead of N1,900. So, I asked what she gains from the service she rendered. To my surprise, I have reasons to make more money this year, not just making money alone, I have more reasons to be on my own 😀. The truth is, she makes N158 and bonuses from the N2,000 she collected from me. How she does it is what I want to teach you.

Mobile banking is shaping our history; this is the only business that offers an opportunity for a daily bonus. The rate at which mobile banking is soaring high in Nigeria, if it continues like this in the next decades, mobile banking in Nigeria will be a thing of joy to move the Nigerians to their promised land.  Let me walk you through what I meant by the daily bonus I mentioned earlier; aside from the commission make on each of the transaction counts on the platform am about to introduce to you, this platform would allow you to generate extra charges, and still, give you a bonus every month-end and annually.

My previous post on mobile banking was on Baxi Box solicited by Capricorn Digital Limited Company. So, what happens to Baxi Box you may ask? Nothing freaky. Baxi Box is still working and 100% in the business and also rewards its users.  

What is Paga?

Paga is a mobile payment platform that allows its users to carry out the following services electronically; Bank transfer, deposit and withdrawal, Airtime recharge, payment of electricity and bills subscriptions. 

Paga was founded in Nigeria in 2009 by Tayo Oviosu and publicly launched in 2011 with the primary aim to act as a mobile wallet where any user equipped with mobile devices can conduct stress-free transactional activities in Nigeria using their devices.

How it works?

All the services on Paga are carried out electronically.  The services are in different categories which are Bank Payment, Payment of Airtime/Data, Payment of Bills, etc. More also, these services can be carried out on the Paga platform via, mobile application, web (desktop or laptop computer), and POS machine. As of this time of this research in January 2020, Paga has over 70+ services rendered on their mobile application while the web services are restricted due to the simplicity of the functionality. Mobile app users enjoy great benefits while POS agents enjoy greater benefits. Keep reading, I will explain better. 
Becoming Paga agent is now easy, 100% service satisfactory

The Paga Agents/Users' benefit?

Paga agents/users enjoy numerous benefits and bonuses. Let me break this down for you.

1. Attractive Commission 

If there is something I love to write about, it is commission, lol. The commission is well deserved for active users.  Paga gives instant commission on any transactions carried out on its platform. The commission varies, not static. For instance, Paga gives a 2% commission on any GOtv/DStv subscription package.

2. Paga Bonuses

Aside from commission, Paga is the only mobile payment company in Nigeria to give its users bonuses, bonuses on transactions, monthly bonuses, annual bonuses, best sales bonuses, etc.

3. Paga Stages/Levels

Paga has stages, also known as levels. Each level has its own benefits, transaction target, and bonuses attached to all the stages. The first stage is known as Retailer, the second is Star and the third stage is known as Mega Star level. For a better explanation, a new agent/user is known as a retailer, such a new agent needs to carry out 100 transactions to be upgraded to Star level which is known as stage two. Now, stage two profit or commission is higher than retailer level, Star agent/users are qualified for E-float (that is, star users can request e-money/emergency funds from Paga, a fixed amount of N50,000naira. This E-float is expected to be refunded back to Paga account within 24hours).

Becoming Paga agent is now easy, 100% service satisfactory

4. Paga Trip/Award

This is an exclusive stage mainly for Paga Aggregator that meet up with the requirement.  

Other Benefit

  • Paga Branding
  • Free Training on how to use Paga platform
  • Technical support 
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Online support (WhatsApp group support), etc.

How secure is the Paga platform?

On the issue of security, it took me weeks to gather my point. I must say, Paga is 100% secured. You'll get SMS login code when changing devices and login alert after you might have successfully login in, customers get a notification instantly after successful transactions, etc.

Becoming Paga agent is now easy, 100% service satisfactory

Paga Component

  • Paga is of 3 components, the mobile app, the web, and the POS machine. All the services on the components are the same, and all the commissions are the same likewise, no hidden charges. 
  • The only difference is the devices used to access the platform. Another difference is that you will need a Bluetooth Printer to Print out your receipt. 
  • Bank withdrawal is not allowed for Web users. Also, ATM card withdrawal is not allowed for Mobile application users.
  • POS machine is free, but it comes with a price. The price is, a qualified agent can request for the POS, that is; to request for the POS, you must be the agent who has maintained a fixed sales of a minimum of 100 transactions regularly for a period of three months consecutively.

Registration Requirements

New users or agents will need the following credentials for successful documentations.

1. Agent Requirement

  • Passport photography (Soft copy)
  • Government Issuing Identity card (Driver's license, voters card, etc)
  • Proof of Business/Outlet Address (Soft copy of Outlet Utility Bill)
  • Picture of Agent Business Outlet (Soft copy)

2. Agent Next of Kin Requirement

  • Next of Kin Passport photography (Soft copy)
  • Next of Kin Government Issuing Identity card (Driver's license, voters card, etc)

3. Agent Bank Details


4. Agent E-Float Compulsory Fee

New agents/users are expected to pay a compulsory fee of N10,500 naira only of which N10,000 naira will be credited to the agent account after successful registration to keep the account running.